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This is the world of today!

People are searching for your product / service online


We are here to help you!

This is the world of today!

The Internet Was Made For Business


We are here to help you!

People are searching for your product or service

From the past several years, we are working on different startups, we build many websites, apps and providing digital marketing services, we have grown a few businesses also. So in this pandemic we want to help some individual entrepreneurs and business people who are having a good product or service but lack of awareness, still there are waiting to launch their product or service on the online platform

Why we are giving it for completely free?

Yes you heard it correctly

Ofcourse we are building your website for completely free but in return we are expecting a good testimonial from you and you need to spend a couple of days seriously when we are working on our project so that together we can grow your business at the same time your testimonial helpful for us.

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A person who has the knowledge he can teach online or has a YouTube channel want to start his own ed-tech platform.

Business-to-business (B2B) is a transaction or business conducted between one business and another, such as a wholesaler and retailer. B2B transactions tend to happen in the supply chain, where one company will purchase raw materials from another to be used in the manufacturing process.




Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. It is conducted over computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. Almost anything can be purchased through e commerce today. It can be a substitute for brick-and-mortar stores, though some businesses choose to maintain both.


The health & fitness industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, from online retail shops to mobile therapeutic services. All of these businesses seek to keep consumers informed about their bodies and minds and provide solutions to their health-related issues.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are non-subsidiary, independent firms which employ fewer than a given number of employees. Example restaurants, coffee days, grocery stores etc..

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers to offer different kinds of travelling packages for each destination.


Here we displayed few of the Major projects we done in the past, just go through these you will get an idea how much quality website we are providing.

first ever hyperlocal e-mart

From the cart in the agricultural fields to the online delivery, days trending from a farm land to a smartphone. people becoming smart and making their habitat a global territory of smart living, those hatched houses turn to be the villas and those people of cultural drift to a modern know-how pal.
ruralkingz has created a first ever hyperlocal e-mart

1 +
Villages covered
Orders Delivered

Online Clothing Store For Men And Women

Kwabey an ecommerce platforms basically for selling clothing apparels like T Shirts, Joggers, Shirts, Full Sleeves etc.

Years of existence
Happy Customers!!!
Orders Delivered

Book Your Cabs At Low prices

 Kranthi car Travels is the one of the best car service and provides low-cost cars with a top class service so that you can enjoy your trip with safety and comfort. We provide 24/7 cars in vijayawada on a single click of call 

Welcome to the World of Digital Learning

Adlearner is place for people who are willing to learn new skills and monetize their skills

Our Customers

We always have a good friendly relationship with our customers like you, as we deliver your projects on time without delay with all the satisfactory requirements the client like you, requires

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Client satisfaction, trust, and bonding are all our primary goals.

Website Design

We create interactive and effective business websites that provide detailed information to potential clients and helps accelerate your business growth.

App Development

We create you the best user friendly app to your potential clients. We are professional app developers and can create App for your business to tenX your profits


We can create your e-commerce site with many features which most of your potential customers utilise. Your site boosts up your business, and we help you in creating the best e-commerce site.

Digital Marketing

We assist  the right message, the right people, the right platform, and the right time to our clients in increasing traffic, sales and conversions.

Social Media Management

Our consultants can create an integrated social media plan for your company to help you enhance your online exposure, brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and leads and sales.

Business Consultant

We are experts in online business automation, no matter what kind of problems you face in business, we work for your business like ours and get the easiest way to solve your business problem, and we are the best business consultant you can select today

Top 6 Advantages of having a Website for you're business

The Internet was made for Business. The world in which we are living is completely reliant on the internet and if your business can not be found online, you are actually risking your potential customers. Design your first website for free now!

Global Customer Reach

Having a website for your business enables you to connect with customers across the globe in a nutshell your online business is having the whole world as an audience. Design your first website for free now

Improves Authority

Having a website for your business enables you to have a high customer engagement and as well as increased brand awareness. Design your first website for free now

24/7 Availability

With online website that helps your business becomes 24/7 available for your audience . you can let your customers visit and know about your products and services at any time from any corner of the world

Operate your business from anywhere

Having website that it gives you to freedom to operate your business from anywhere by not just being stuck to the physical location. Design your first website for free now

Easy to targeting audiences and marketing

Having a website enables broad range of promotion and marketing and targeting specific audience in cost efficient way

Easy to business expansion

Growing your business online is the best way you can offer your services globally and it enables to expand in both cost efficient and easy. Design your first website for free now

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

This is Naveensurya. I am an expert in website designing and Digital marketing. I've experience in all kinds of digital marketing services. My front vision is always to make your work on time and work for you as I do it for my own business. Looking forward to working with you.
senior web designer

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